Frequently Asked Questions

Find the questions we answer most frequently right here below (can't find your answer? Chat to us!):

+ We're offering a money back guarantee with our 3- and 6-months membership subscription
+ We're sharing only a handful of tips daily - we focus on quality, not on quantity
+ We disassociate ourselves from fixed games, we have no stake in betting fraud
+ We will never just double the units you'd need to invest when we were unsuccessful the previous day(s)
+ Our return on investment has a proven track record and outshines any other provider
+ We're mostly focusing on underdogs and newcomers. Hence we share mainly betting opportunities with high odds, averaging 2.74
+ We post all our past performance publicly and commit to full transparency
This is up to how you determine the dollar amount of your unit. Our performance is shown in units because everyone's bankroll is different. Please check our Betting Performance page for further insights. You have access to our daily, previous week, previous month and all-time performance. Our goal is to make you a successful bettor and to help you make profit. And as you can see from our performance chart, we're quite successful in doing so.
We're publishing only a few high-quality tennis betting tips daily - or sometimes even none. On average, you can expect 20 tips per week, but this really depends on the season. Hence you can focus on a few bets per day and you're not overburdened by us.
We're informing you about upcoming games via e-mail to your personal address or via Telegram channel as of 08:30 AM CET/CEST (e.g. Berlin time). Sometimes, we publish a second patch of tips during the day, depending on the market and odds published. As a member, you can access the forecasts in your personal account at any time.
Yes, with our 3- and 6-months subscriptions, you are automatically enrolled in our "money-back guarantee". If you've been following our predictions and our perfomance was below +10 units (3-months subscription) or below +20 units (6-months subscription), we will reimburse your membership within 30 days.
As we are focusing on tennis and there mostly on ITF and Challenger tournaments, it is crucial that you are choosing a bookie which has a good offer for these markets. We work with and recommend the bookies listed below. This is a non-exhaustive list and we recommend you to make your own research on which bookie is offering the best betting experience for you and for the respective location you are domiciled in: William Hill, Betfair, betway, Bet365, bet-at-home, unibet and others.
We focus solely on tennis, and within tennis we follow mainly ITF and Challenger tournaments. Hence you'd need to check that your betting platform provides those kind of categories.
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