We're offering our users a money-back-guarantee under a certain set of conditions that must be met. In short, if we do not meet our own goals and you've purchased a long duration subscription (because that allows us to perform better on aggregate), you might have the right to get your money back.

This Money-Back-Guarantee is part of our general Terms and Conditions and is to be considered part of that agreement.

1 - subscription types

With our 3- and 6-months subscription membership, you are automatically enrolled in our "money-back-guarantee".

2 - threshold

If our performance threshold

  • was below +10 units (during your 3-months subscription period) or
  • below +20 units (during your 6-months subscription period),

then we will reimburse your membership fee for that period within 30 days, upon your request/inquiry at our support's email.

3 - calculation basis

  • the basis for our calculation are the odds that are available at the moment of our publication.
  • the math is based on the units that we're suggesting to you with our publication. Those are the ones published on our webpage.

We will not consider your actual odd or stake that you may have used. We're not reimbursing you on any eventual betting loss, this is your own responsibility.