We offer our users a trial period, under the general application of our ToS.

Some important rules:

  • cancelling the trial, in other words the PayPal automatic payment feature that will turn your trial account into a paid, fully featured account, will automatically waive your discount. This means if you still decide to join, you will pay full price on the monthly subscription options;
  • you may only use a/the trial once, after which we reserve the right to delete your user account for trying to use our services for free;
  • a user who has been a paying user at any time before, may not sign up to the trial period.
  • we reserve the right to prolong your trial at our discretion, if we feel you have not seen the entire power of our platform in the otherwise fixed trial period;
  • please double-check the trial details as outlined by PayPal after sign up: they are binding on the trial time, discounts and then full price payments due after the trial itself.
  • subscriptions must be administered via your PayPal account, please log in to your PayPal account to make the changes you desire, only in the case where you don't have one, we can help you get your changes applied.