"Can I be a profitable sportsbettor?". "Can I trust fixed matches?". "Is there a working betting system?". Everyone who enjoys sportsbetting has already asked himself exactly those questions. And the answer to them is almost always a straight "no". Hence, the betting industry is thriving ($200 billion market size in 2020). Yet, there are bettors who regularly beat the bookies and a handful of them are offering their services as betting advisors - just like us, your Betonaut crew. But there are a lot of rotten apples among them. To make sure you stay away from them, we're listing the different types of betting advisors.

The "low odds" advisors
Many services are suggesting obvious bets with low odds and then claim a high percentage of correct betting tips. But every monkey can propose to bet on the favourite, you don't need any help on this. And as we all know, betting on the favourite isn't profitable, otherwise we would all be betting on the favourites all the time and print money daily.

The "double down" advisors
If your advisor is wrong with his betting tips, he asks you to double down for the next tips. And it will go on and on until you hit a bet again. Obviously, this method isn't sustainable. Otherwise, we would all be in the Casino daily and bet on red and double our stakes until we hit again.

The "fixed games" advisors
Unfortunately, bribery is a big topic in almost every sport and a big thread to fairness in sports. Those frauds are mostly organized by influential groups with money and power. Usually, they use their advantage only for themselves, they don't sell their knowledge to the outside. This would endanger their whole operation. Yet, there are people out there who are trying to sell "fixed matches". We wholeheartedly ask you to stay away from such offers. Not only because it's wrong morally and legally, but also because you will never see a betting forecast after you've paid your fee. The seller will disappear, and you will have lost your money before you have made a single bet.

The honest sportsbetting advisors
And then there are the few advisors who mean well and are profitable. If you find one, then it can actually be profitable for you too, even if you have to pay a fee to receive the betting tips. But how do you identify them and distinguish them from the above-mentioned fraudsters? If you can answer "yes" to the below questions, then we think you might be in good hands:
 - Do they have a webpage?
 - Do they show their betting history publicly?
 - Do they calculate their betting performance and publish it?
 - Do they also show their losses?
 - Do they advise you on your stake and does it stay stable (no double downs)?
 - Can you comment on their posts on Instagram?

Please stay away from the fraudsters mentioned in this article. Yet, if you find an honest betting forecast provider after a little bit of research, then why don't you give it a go.