You can be a profitable sports bettor and make money with sports betting. It's doable. But majority of bettors lose money to the bookmakers, that's why they exist. Hence we're sharing our own 6 directives with you which should help you being a successful sports bettor.

Stay within your expertise
First and foremost, do only bet on sports and events you're familiar with. Don't place your bets on sports or leagues you have no knowledge in. Yet if you do so, then you're a gambler. And gamblers hardly beat the bookies. Of course, you might get lucky sometimes and it's fun. In the long run, you should focus on your expertise though.
In our case, we're betting solely on tennis. We've been tennis players ourselves, we inform ourselves on a daily basis and limit ourselves to that - quality instead of quantity.

Quality instead of quantity
Don't get lost in too many bets. Focus on a few bets only and in doubt, don't place any bets at all. Choose your bets wisely and if you do so, you can also bet a profitable sum (for some that might be $10, for others $100 or even more). And in the best case, your bet has a high odd.

High odd - value betting
At Betonaut, we don't share any bets with odds lower than ∼1.8. Our average odd is actually at 2.7. And that's what we suggest you should look for too.
You should stay away from low odds. If they were as bulletproof as they seem, we would all be using those bets. And even if you're successful with a low odd bet, your return is extremely small for the risk you're taking. Unless you're creating a parlay to create a higher odd. But we advise against that.

Don't play parlays
The more bets you combine, the higher is your odd. But at the same time, the chances for your bet to fail increases as well. Hence we advise you to stay away from parlays. Or why do you think bookies offer a "parlay bonus" of XY% if you combine XY of bets? They want to lure you into combining your bets instead of playing them as singles. Of course, you have lower odds with singles, and it might take you longer to bring home a lucrative win. Yet, there's no quick money in sports betting.

Be patient
Sports betting success comes with consistency and proper research. And sometimes with a little patience. Don't double down on your previous losses or place an amount you can't afford. Be patient, follow the above mentioned points and your own expertise - or find an expert for yourself.

Find a betting advisor
If you've mostly lost money with sports betting and you'd like to turn yourself into a profitable bettor, then a betting advisor could help you. There are a lot of betting advisors in the market - but only a few are trustworthy and successful. So make sure you chose the right betting advisor for your needs. Ourselves, we're sharing tennis bets with our members. And we do that quite successfully. Please check our betting performance page for a transparent performance overview. To become a member eventually, please check our different pricing options.

Yet we want to state that you should always only bet what you're ready to lose! No matter how "safe" a bet might look like.