We're excited to announce that we're finally online and that we're sharing our tennis betting tips with you!

On August 24, we sent out our first tennis forecasts, but the preparation to it had started way earlier - it was actually during autumn 2019. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, majority of tennis tournaments have been cancelled for a long period. But this gave us more time to prepare our betting advisory service and to make sure we offer something new, something trustworthy. Hence, we're proud to publicly share our betting performance with everybody, including profit and loss in units.

This transparency was our top priority during the planning and creating phase, as we wanted everyone to understand our offering and betting performance with one click. This is crucial, as there are many sports betting offerings out there which are fraud or are selling fixed matches - and we disassociate ourselves from such malpractice.

If you enjoy sports betting or tennis betting in particular, and you would like to turn your losses into profit, then we might have the advisory service you've been looking for. You can subscribe to one of our memberships, and you'll have access to our daily tennis tips. And with your own betting account with the bookie of your choice, you can then place your bets.